May 17, 2020

Who ‘dere?

My name is Eric and welcome to “Lullaby4MyDemons.com”!

The site is mainly for sharing my YouTube playlist named, Lullaby 4 My Demons. This is a playlist that I listen to every day, although the version on my computers and phone might be a little different as I tend to create custom edits of various tracks that I find.

But, there is always great music to be found within my playlist. And I enjoy sharing it.


What is this place?

My initial intention was to just share my daily music playlist of the same name on YouTube. And while that worked, I wanted something more. So thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I had plenty of time on my hands to figure it out.

Along with sharing my music, I also decided I would share my comedy playlist — because laughter is medicine.

And then of course, I thought I would try to use the Thoughts section as my daily journal (aka a public therapy session). There is no set theme of what I may write about, but you can be sure I’ll include random thoughts about life, any traveling, and whatever else spills out of my mind. Should at least be entertaining. 🙂