Trying to be more social…

December 20, 2020
Blog Post Featured Image: Trying to be more Social 2020
Blog Post Featured Image: Trying to be more Social 2020

In person, I’m definitely more of a wallflower at events and other crowded places where it’s encouraged to talk with everyone.

In fact, just before the pandemic took hold of the planet, I was planning to make a 2020 goal of working to improve on that.

Goals over Resolutions

But I’m working on a new goal of being a better participant of social platforms. Makes me remember the “good old days” of the 80s and my adventures in the BBS world. Ah, those were fun days. I’d love to write that into a movie...

I digress. Since many of us are home and online, I thought I would try to be more social on the social platforms I run around on (Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). Except for, though there is a social platform under all the music, it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. Too bad. If you want to see if I’m actively listening to anything, check out my profile. 🙂

It’s an interesting adventure as each social platform has requires a different approach or method to reach regular engagement with others (non-bots of course).

I prefer to have goals for myself vs. making resolutions. I work for goals! 🙂