The next chapter of my life

January 4, 2021
Teaching an old dog new tricks

I’ve been working in the IT industry since the late 80s, having spent the time before that playing with technology in a way that my lawyer didn’t like. lol

From 2004 until 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I operated my IT support and services business. Most of the clients were residential folks — who happened to live in a very nice beach area on the east coast.

Kind of like the TV Show “Royal Pains” and the concierge doctor but for IT Services. Definitely a lot of fun over the years.

Teaching an old dog updated tricks

Starting this week, I will finally start a training program to help me start a new career in software engineering.

I’ve been tinkering, ok hacking, websites and their code for years. But it’s nice to finally learn the details for things I’ve just hacked apart. Never had a complaint from my clients, but I know things took longer than they should have because I had to figure things out. I can always figure things out. I’m resourceful like that.

Challenging it will be

Thank you Yoda. Yes, this experience will be challenging. At one point, many years ago, I attempted the community college thing. And while I had a lot of fun, I did learn I had a hard time waiting for an instructor to get to the point.

It was at that point in life that I would just teach myself. I’d figure it out. And I did.

But with a new direction in a career that requires of lot of knowledge and experience — doesn’t it suck that to start in a job you have to have all sorts of experience, yet no one will hire you to give you that experience. Talk about a rock and a hard place.