Road trip: day one done

August 2, 2020
Driving Anxiety

Made it into Lewisburg, West Virginia last night after a good day of driving. I left Lewes, Delaware around 4 am and made good time all day. I only had a few hours of sleep, so the afternoon driving was a little tougher.

Driving Anxiety

For several years I’ve suffered from driving anxiety, which can really screw up your life. Causes you to not want to go anywhere, which I did (or didn’t). Sucked the life right out of me. And I think it created more anxiety issues. Thankfully, I’ve crawled my way past that.

You Are Not In Control…

When I was working my way past the driving anxiety, which went hand in hand with improving my personal health, I began to remind myself each time I was about to drive that I am not in control of things that may happen (on road or not).

I am, however, in control of how I react. Which, also leads to another fun reminder, “Don’t Be A Dick!”. 🙂

I used to be that driver, like many people it seems, that would flip the middle finger if someone got in my way or slowed me down for a moment. What a dick!

Or swear at people for no apparent reason. What a dick!

But all that frustration was avoidable, as far as how I reacted in the first place. I can’t control how people drive, I can however control how I react. And, don’t be a dick! 🙂

I also am not worried about getting somewhere quicker than everyone else. But I do appreciate those speed bunnies for pulling the coppers out of their hiding. Not that I’m doing anything to draw attention, but it’s fun to watch. Especially on Waze.

Better Driving Habits

But it did leave me with better driving habits. For example, when I was living in the Lewes, Delaware area and I was needing to go out to shop (food, or other) in addition to picking the right day (especially if it’s Summertime), I would also do all I could one the side of the road I am on (North or South), then on my return trip home I’d do that side of shopping. Instead of crossing back and forth. Waste of time and can be frustrating.

I don’t drive around looking for a good deal (food, gas, etc) — we have these super computers in our pockets, why waste all that time, gas, and energy when we should already know where to go before we get there?

When I do long road trips, I like to leave early in the morning to hopefully miss out on any busy times in more populated areas — especially during the work week.

Cruise control is your friend and great for your gas mileage! I set it and stay in the right lane, until I need to pass of course, and let all those that cannot stand to not be a dick, pass me. 🙂