One Week to Go

July 23, 2020
One week to go

Roughly one week to go before I hit the road and drive cross country!

I’ve done about three purges of stuff, but as I go through the last final things and figure out what I am shipping, what comes with me, and what is going away I am tossing out various things as well.

For this trip, my life fits in my car :

  • Clothing
  • Laptop
  • 2 Phones
  • Food and Water
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Cloth Face Masks
  • Soap (for masks and hands)
  • Camping-ish Stuff
  • Car Safety Stuff

Sleeping in SUV vs. Hotel

It is my intention to sleep in my SUV, at truck stops and/or rest areas. But, if I decide that I would really like hot shower, my own toilet, and a real bed for a night or two, then I’m going treat myself to exactly that.

I think the hotel industry, right now, is much like the airline industry was after 911 (in the USA). Where the airlines were the safest they ever were to fly right after 911. So the hotel industry needs to be as disinfected as possible, per CDC guidelines of course, during this pandemic of 2020.

I’ll be staying at a hotel for my last few days in my current area of Lewes, Delaware, so I’ll be sure to report on that experience. Although, I emailed the hotel to inquire about how they are handling their hotel business in the midst of all of this, and here was their reply (any language or typos are exactly as it came to me):

We strip the hotel room as soon as possible and we sanitize the room using an antiviral disinfectant. We replace all linen. We no longer have a buffet . Our breakfast is now all single serve items with the exception of coffee which we have is pressure pots. Our lobby and public areas are disinfected daily and our pool has a limit of 20 people at any one time. We enforce the mandatory masks and ask that everyone social distances.

YouTube Channel

I am going to capture a lot of video on the journey, just to have some material to create some videos and post on my YouTube channel. That has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

It’s funny, as soon as I stopped working my mind started thinking about creative ideas. I have had this creative block for several years — or a hesitation to put myself “out there” because I was running a business and I always worked hard at not doing stupid things to jeopardize the business reputation. lol

But now I’m thinking of all sorts of (hopefully) fun videos I’d like to create and post. Check out my YouTube channel to see what random things I’ve shared.

Hang on world, I’m subjecting you to my strange mind. 🙂