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lullaby4mydemons music genres

I found this great Spotify playlist analyzer from, which made discovering what specific music genres exist on my Lullaby4MyDemons playlist. This is the May 2021 genre breakdown:

Top sub-genresPercentage
alternative metal3%
hard rock3%
alternative rock3%
rap rock3%
album rock2%
classic rock2%
skate punk2%
nu metal2%
pop rock1%
ska punk1%
reggae rock1%
permanent wave1%
reggae fusion1%
glam metal1%
art rock1%
rap metal1%
new wave pop1%
new wave1.0%
soft rock1.0%
hip hop0.9%
mellow gold0.9%
funk metal0.9%
new romantic0.8%
psychedelic trance0.7%
industrial metal0.7%
blues rock0.7%
psychedelic rock0.6%
modern rock0.6%
funk rock0.6%
folk rock0.5%
dance pop0.5%
old school hip hop0.5%
gangster rap0.4%
australian rock0.4%
east coast hip hop0.4%
west coast rap0.4%
golden age hip hop0.4%
comic metal0.4%
symphonic rock0.4%
progressive rock0.4%
old school thrash0.4%
socal pop punk0.4%
hardcore punk0.4%
adult standards0.4%
east coast reggae0.3%
sleaze rock0.3%
thrash metal0.3%
glam rock0.3%
modern hard rock0.3%
industrial rock0.3%
country rock0.3%
modern alternative rock0.3%
dance rock0.3%
birmingham metal0.3%
instrumental rock0.3%
power pop0.3%
early us punk0.3%
heartland rock0.3%
hip house0.3%
pop punk0.3%
g funk0.2%
hardcore hip hop0.2%
modern blues rock0.2%
quiet storm0.2%
punk ‘n’ roll0.2%
groove metal0.2%
electro house0.2%
boston rock0.2%
melodic hardcore0.2%
punk blues0.2%
garage rock0.2%
pop dance0.2%
pop rap0.2%
roots rock0.2%
candy pop0.2%
horror punk0.2%
sacramento indie0.2%
canadian rock0.2%
canadian metal0.2%
modern ska punk0.2%
stoner rock0.2%
double drumming0.2%
conscious hip hop0.2%
stoner metal0.2%
jazz rock0.2%
jazz fusion0.2%
australian alternative rock0.2%
british invasion0.2%
brill building pop0.2%
neo classical metal0.2%
death metal0.1%
speed metal0.1%
hip-hop experimental0.1%
neo mellow0.1%
southern metal0.1%
acid rock0.1%
german metal0.1%
glam punk0.1%
dc hardcore0.1%
black punk0.1%
power metal0.1%
electric blues0.1%
new jersey punk0.1%
new jersey hardcore0.1%
latin pop0.1%
vocal jazz0.1%
easy listening0.1%
tropical house0.1%
nu jazz0.1%
russian punk0.1%
psychedelic doom0.1%
slap house0.1%
riot grrrl0.1%
canadian indie0.1%
palm desert scene0.1%
instrumental funk0.1%
welsh rock0.1%
welsh metal0.1%
ska mexicano0.1%
political hip hop0.1%
pub rock0.1%
jazz funk0.1%
classic soul0.1%
modern reggae0.1%
cleveland metal0.1%
chicano rap0.1%
electronic trap0.1%
bass trap0.1%
southern hip hop0.1%
queens hip hop0.1%
crossover thrash0.1%
california hardcore0.1%
classic canadian rock0.1%
australian psych0.1%
brazilian edm0.1%
yacht rock0.1%
puerto rican pop0.1%
irish rock0.1%
bow pop0.1%
southern rock0.1%
stomp and holler0.1%
noise rock0.1%
experimental rock0.1%
bubblegum pop0.1%
acoustic punk0.1%
art punk0.1%
uk doom metal0.1%
romanian popless than 0.1%
russian indieless than 0.1%
escape roomless than 0.1%
hard alternativeless than 0.1%
asbury park indieless than 0.1%
straight edgeless than 0.1%
brighton indieless than 0.1%
electronic rockless than 0.1%
psychillless than 0.1%
new tribeless than 0.1%
livetronicaless than 0.1%
complextroless than 0.1%
electraless than 0.1%
vapor twitchless than 0.1%
speedrunless than 0.1%
glitchless than 0.1%
gaming edmless than 0.1%
danish electronicless than 0.1%
technical thrashless than 0.1%
progressive thrashless than 0.1%
new wave of thrash metalless than 0.1%
melodic thrashless than 0.1%
russian skaless than 0.1%
gypsy punkless than 0.1%
comedyless than 0.1%
tranceless than 0.1%
houseless than 0.1%
dutch edmless than 0.1%
big roomless than 0.1%
nwobhmless than 0.1%
country rapless than 0.1%
bc underground hip hopless than 0.1%
melodic metalless than 0.1%
german power metalless than 0.1%
space rockless than 0.1%
retro metalless than 0.1%
nyc metalless than 0.1%
progressive electro houseless than 0.1%
dutch houseless than 0.1%
turkish edmless than 0.1%
g-houseless than 0.1%
noveltyless than 0.1%
detroit rockless than 0.1%
deep acoustic popless than 0.1%
south african rockless than 0.1%
swedish melodeathless than 0.1%
melodic death metalless than 0.1%
gothenburg metalless than 0.1%
metalcoreless than 0.1%
melodic metalcoreless than 0.1%
connecticut hardcoreless than 0.1%
australian underground hip hopless than 0.1%
australian hip hopless than 0.1%
progressive metalless than 0.1%
instrumental surfless than 0.1%
praiseless than 0.1%
modern funkless than 0.1%
sludge metalless than 0.1%
louisiana metalless than 0.1%
dance-punkless than 0.1%
ottawa indieless than 0.1%
one-person bandless than 0.1%
garage rock revivalless than 0.1%
redneckless than 0.1%
latin afrobeatless than 0.1%
missouri indieless than 0.1%
neue deutsche harteless than 0.1%
varmland rockless than 0.1%
swedish alternative rockless than 0.1%
synth punkless than 0.1%
jazz popless than 0.1%
canadian popless than 0.1%
celtic punkless than 0.1%
alternative popless than 0.1%
jam bandless than 0.1%
southern americanaless than 0.1%
deep new americanaless than 0.1%
austin americanaless than 0.1%
boston punkless than 0.1%
rock nacional brasileiroless than 0.1%
rock alternativo brasileiroless than 0.1%
hard rock brasileiroless than 0.1%
brazilian rockless than 0.1%
tempe indieless than 0.1%
outlaw countryless than 0.1%
arkansas countryless than 0.1%
surf punkless than 0.1%
outsiderless than 0.1%
classic uk popless than 0.1%
r&bless than 0.1%
parodyless than 0.1%
comedy rockless than 0.1%
cyberpunkless than 0.1%
karaokeless than 0.1%
memphis soulless than 0.1%
torch songless than 0.1%
new americanaless than 0.1%
indiecousticaless than 0.1%
indie folkless than 0.1%
acoustic popless than 0.1%
british bluesless than 0.1%
trap latinoless than 0.1%
reggaetonless than 0.1%
latin hip hopless than 0.1%
roots reggaeless than 0.1%
jawaiianless than 0.1%
new jersey rapless than 0.1%
post-teen popless than 0.1%
gothabillyless than 0.1%
beatboxingless than 0.1%
canadian electropopless than 0.1%
uk popless than 0.1%
indie cafe popless than 0.1%
indie anthem-folkless than 0.1%
dirty south rapless than 0.1%
crunkless than 0.1%
atl hip hopless than 0.1%
gothic rockless than 0.1%
dream popless than 0.1%
geek rockless than 0.1%
urban contemporaryless than 0.1%
hip popless than 0.1%
laboratorioless than 0.1%
saskatchewan indieless than 0.1%
classifyless than 0.1%
oriental metalless than 0.1%
trip hopless than 0.1%
canadian singer-songwriterless than 0.1%
leeds indieless than 0.1%
italian soundtrackless than 0.1%
classic soundtrackless than 0.1%
southern soulless than 0.1%
rhythm and bluesless than 0.1%
alternative roots rockless than 0.1%
uk dancehallless than 0.1%
texas metalless than 0.1%
german rockless than 0.1%
german hard rockless than 0.1%
rock keyboardless than 0.1%
folkless than 0.1%
eurodanceless than 0.1%
miami hip hopless than 0.1%
mexican popless than 0.1%
latin soundtrackless than 0.1%
sunshine popless than 0.1%
baroque popless than 0.1%
oxford indieless than 0.1%
melancholialess than 0.1%
norwegian rockless than 0.1%
norwegian punk rockless than 0.1%
pop violinless than 0.1%
countryless than 0.1%
indie poptimismless than 0.1%
psychedelic punkless than 0.1%
dutch rockless than 0.1%
dutch progless than 0.1%
dutch popless than 0.1%
merseybeatless than 0.1%
classic garage rockless than 0.1%
indorockless than 0.1%
big beatless than 0.1%
indie rockless than 0.1%
traditional bluesless than 0.1%
memphis bluesless than 0.1%
delta bluesless than 0.1%
bluesless than 0.1%
early synthpopless than 0.1%
detroit hip hopless than 0.1%
alternative hip hopless than 0.1%
jump bluesless than 0.1%
electro swingless than 0.1%
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