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I use to track the music that I listen to from either of my computers or my phone (while driving). So if you are curious what I am currently listening to, or what I have been listening to, check out my profile for detailed information.


See what artists I listened to over the last 30 days

See what albums I listened to over the last 30 days

See what tracks I’ve listened to the most over the last year


The process of scrobbling basically means that logs the songs that I listen to, be it on Spotify or YouTube — though you can scrobble to from a variety of services.

The purpose of’s Scrobbling system is to provide a way to see various statistics (song title, artist, etc.) about a persons music listening habits, as well as give recommendations that may be of interest.

The word originally comes from the music recommendation system, Audioscrobbler, which started life out as a university project—conceived and programmed by co-founder Richard Jones.