Cloudy Day

June 25, 2020

When I wake up I usually check the weather and today it said it was going to be cloudy outside. But I’ve felt cloudy in my mind all day as well.

Just another day where motivation was on the slow boat to nowhere.

Honestly, regular motivation for just about anything disappeared a long time ago. It comes and goes. Today is just went. Didn’t leave a note. Bye bye.

I do manage to get at least a couple of productive things done on these Cloudy days. Usually in the morning…I tend to wake up around 4-5am. I head straight to my standing desk, hot tea in hand, and I’ll work on whatever it is I need to work on. Then around 12N I get bored and might opt for a nap.

Egads. I almost sound like my dad, as far as the taking naps and having no motivation. I have to snap out of it. If I turn into him I’ll snap for sure.