Hi! My name is Eric and you’ve stumbled upon a blog that also shares its name with a music playlist on both Spotify and YouTube. Very similar lists, but at the same time very different thanks to the wider variety of content on YouTube.

I actively maintain both playlists for two reasons:

  • Each version has unique content!
  • Music helps with tinnitus relief

What kind of music?

A spunky mix of Punk, Rock, Grunge, Mashups, Metal, Hip Hop, Blues, R&B, EDM, Remixes, Oldies, and Oddities.

These are random photos of me covering a large span of time. Enjoy. 🙂


Blog and Music have been explained. Ears relate to using the music in my playlists to provide some temporary relief for my tinnitus. I’ll also be sharing links to other sound therapy aimed at people who suffer from tinnitus.